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Responsible for ensuring that the complex/ shop business runs efficiently to attain the predetermined profitability standards. It is a requirement for the Complex/ Shop Manager to be present at the complex 95% of the time.



  • Labour utilisation: Managing the percentage of available hours for work ‘billable’ to product or service delivery compared to the actual hours spent on that work is key to the efficiency and ultimately financial viability of your business.
  • Matching the turnovers against budget.
  • Matching the GP’s targets.
  • Matching the compliance reports.
  • Bringing down the complaints to less than 4%
  • Bringing 10% new customers per quarter
  • Bringing down the outstandings on repair and maintenance less than 5 items per week per outlet.
  • Staff retention and theft cases bringing them down to 25% less than 2016-2017.
  • Development of succession planning within the department.



  • Forecast short term and long term operational requirements and obligations in order to maintain adequate finances
  • Compilation and analysis of brand budgets
  • Monitor and periodically evaluate the actual expenditure versus budgets and measure performance against the operating budget; give analysis on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Report the status of the budget expenditures and revenues and recommend adjustments as necessary on monthly and quarterly basis. Reporting will be done on a daily and weekly basis in the case of a new business.
  • Check and sign site productions to ensure conversion ratios as per costing are adhered to.
  • Ensure all variances are paid for immediately by cashier and thereby ensure the said variances do not exist.
  • Responsible for banking process including filling in of banking slips and ensure that cashiers do not at anytime pile up banking slips.
  • Fully accountable for petty cash and float and ensure availability and correct handling of the same.
  • Handle all queries from customers or suppliers for each complex without diverting calls or referring complaints to head office.
  • Document guests’ incidents on a guest incident form; indicate action taken, follow up and responsibility
  • Update the staff on policy changes that directly or indirectly impact on the complex/ shop activities.
  • Centralize stock and monitor respective distribution
  • Ensure prices of vegetables and other stock items from external suppliers are always compared before purchasing
  • Ensure that no transfer of stocks are done between shops. Transfers can only be done to foodmaster who will inturn deliver to the requesting shop; stock returns to food master will not be allowed for stock delivered as per shop order.
  • Ensure all wasted stock items are signed against and physically declared to statiscian. Waste control levels should not exceed set standards.
  • Develop and manage proper asset management records e.g fixed asset register. These records must be well documented, easily retrievable and up to date
  • Ensure all maintenance assets are easily identifiable and ensure staff have the right tool kit to meet their job requirements
  • Authorized to approve “emergency” purchases and immediately report all such approvals to the Directors and in writing.



  • Experience in managing fast food set up or 5 star hotel
  • Degree/higher diploma in business related field
  • Knowledge and practical experience in operations management

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